Hello and welcome to Roblox Wiki. Our goal is to become the best source of info on Roblox there is on the web. Whenever you want to right an article, remember the following:

  • Keep it appropriate
  • Make sure what you are saying is true
  • Make sure the article is in the right classification (see paragraph below)

If you make an article, make sure it's in the right classification. If it is about a place or clothing article, place it under Review. For example, if you have a shirt called My Shirt, place the article about it under Review:My Shirt. Below listed are the classifications and what goes in them. Remember, the classification names should have a colon mark after them before the name of your article.

  • Review, where you place the clothes and places you made.
  • User, where you place your user page. Name it is User:(Your name).
  • Lua, where you place articles on Lua and scripting.


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